Fire Starter: Launching a Blog that Blazes

20 Day Video Course to get your Dream Blog LAUNCHED! Get your Fire Starter Coupon Code! Starting a blog. Three little words. Those three words can evoke a myriad of feelings. Do those words excite you? Terrify you? Frustrate you? Do you dream of starting a website or blog, but have absolutely no idea where to begin? Apprehension, ... View the Post

How to Push Past a Dead End (Part 2): Curiosity Doesn’t Always Kill the Cat

Welcome back to our Pushing Past Dead Ends series! In the previous post which I shared a few weeks ago, we discussed the power of favor. We covered several things that may help or hurt a potential sale, in the process of platform building. (You can check that out, here!) If you've just landed on this page, I would really recommend returning to Part 1, because otherwise, this post won't make a ... View the Post

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““This book was so cute! The characters are priceless and unique, the premise is lovely, and the faith-filled themes cut right to the heart. A must-read for fans of sweet, thoughtful, Christian romance with a touch of royal sparkle!”

Take a Peek at Livy’s Debut Novel: The Coronation 

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