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Questions to Get to Know Your Character (Cheat Sheet)

What’s at the Heart of Every Good Story? Core Characters

Every writer knows that you can have the perfect setting and an epic plot, but if your characters fall flat…your whole story is going to flop.

Characters are at the heart of every good story. Creating a story without strong, faithful (and flawed), believable characters, is like baking a cake without sugar…gross!

Readers can recognize cliche, flat, un-developed characters, just as quickly as Buddy Valastro can call a bad cake!

So how does one create such epic characters? Memorable, fictional beings like Mr. Darcy, Sherlock Holmes, Anne of Green Gables, and Luke Skywalker, live on forever in our hearts and minds!

But these great characters were once in the same place your future characters are…virtually non-existent!

Character Cheat Sheet

The internet is loaded with fabulous resources, character questionnaires, and deep, probing questions to ask while developing your newest character. I believe it’s just as important to ask fun, perhaps “seemingly pointless” questions, about your character as well!

Humans are multi-fascinated…we are passionate about things that matter, and we’re also passionate about things that don’t matter! Your characters should be the same way. If they crave all-things-pumpkin, or strongly detest the Fall marketing scheme that tries to turn everything orange…those little details matter!

Adding small, seemingly “unimportant” quirks to your character, might be just the thing that resonates with your reader! Does your character ever drop her phone on her face while she’s lying in bed? Has she accidentally elbowed herself in the stomach without even knowing how? Did she get locked in the bathroom when she was five, and now has an irrational fear of hand-dryers? (Uh…not that I would know that by experience….)

Remember, the little things matter just as much as the big things do. These sorts of quirks could be the one thing that totally resonate with your readers, causing them to adore (or, if they’re a villain, completely hate) your character!

I’ve created a Free Printable with a fun variety of questions to help bring your character to life! And the best part? I’m not even going to ask for your email address in order for you to use it! (Haha, what a relief! Anyone else get tired of nearly every writers resource requiring a sign-up? Not this one! It’s a true freebie.)

Here is Your Free Download, My Dear!

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Happy character developing…and Happy Writing !

Are there certain elements of storytelling you struggle with? Comment below, and maybe I’ll write a Blog Post answering your Q! 😉

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