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“If you like non-magical fantasy with a strong dash of romance about a girl who fights against incredible odds to find freedom and her place in the world, then this is for you!”
–Amazon Reviewer

“If I could give 10 stars I would. This book was difficult to put down and when I finished it I really didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt as though a part of me was missing and wandered around in a daze for days! How refreshing to read a book without being offended in any way. This author has a God given talent and I wish her the very best!”
– Amazon Reviewer

New Book Tour Coming January 2018 – Join In on the Action!

As some of you know, I’ve recently launched a new service to help indie-authors coordinate Blog Tours! New Zealand Author, Sarah Addison Fox, came at me with a huge request…to plan a month long tour for her Christian fantasy novel, Disowned, and I was SO excited to do so!

Check out my post about why Blog Tours are so important for authors.

Blog Tours are an amazing opportunity to cross-connect with dozens of bloggers (and in this case THIRTY)! Not only are they a huge blessing to the author, but they also serve as a potentially huge traffic-driver for bloggers as well! (Book Your Blog Tour Here!)

Sign Up is now Closed

Full Tour Shedule:

Jan 2nd
Book Review – Unicorn Quester –
Jan 3rd
Post Written by Host Blogger – SKG Fun –
Jan 4th 
Guest Post from Author, Sarah Addison Fox – Teens n Tiaras –
Jan 5th
Book Review – Ashley Bogner –
Jan 6th
Author Interview – Karyssa –
Jan 7th
Post Written by Host Blogger – Anna –
Jan 8th
Book Review – Abigail –
Jan 9th
Post Written by Host Blogger – Abi-
Jan 10th
Giveaway – Annie –
Jan 11th
Giveaway – Jaye –
Jan 12th
Book Review – Angel –
Jan 13th
Post Written by Host Blogger –  Anna –
Jan 14th
Book Review – Hannah –
Jan 15th
Interview – Kate –  –
Jan 16th
Guest Post from Author – New Authors -
Jan 17th
Book Review – Audrey-
Jan 18th
Book Review – Kellyn –
Jan 19th
Guest Post from Author – Liv –
Jan 20th
Author Interview – Medomfo –
Jan 21st
Book Review – Victoria –
Jan 22nd 
Post Written by Host Blogger – Jebraun –
Jan 23rd
Review – Chloe –
Jan 25th
Author Guest Post – J.M. Hackman –
Jan 26th
Book Review – Lelia –
Jan 27th
Author Interview – Riley –
Jan 28th
Review – Sarah –
Jan 29th
Review – Shay –
Review – Jessi –
Jan 30th
Guest Post from Author – Lands Uncharted-
Jan 31st
Spotlight Post – Raechel –



6 thoughts on “Allegiance Book Tour

  1. Hi there Livy!! Just wanted to let you know that my post for the blog tour is officially live now! (I’m SO sorry I ended up getting it out a few hours past the 28th… school’s been crazy lately, and some family things [mainly my dad having to go to the hospital for rather unexpected surgery] have kinda thrown us for a loop the last few days.) Anyway, it’s up now, and I hope everyone enjoys it!! Thanks so much for contacting me about this, I’m so glad I was able to participate! I’d definitely love to know about any more such things you have coming up in the future, as this was lots of fun, and I’d like to feature more things like this around my blog. (Right now it’s mainly just Star Wars and Tolkien fangirling, but I’m always willing to help spread the word for a good Christian indie book.)

    Hoping you have a wonderful day!
    God bless!
    – Shay 🙂

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