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5 Steps to Writing a Solid Guest Post


By Isabella Morganthal

A little bit over a year ago, I decided that I wanted to begin submitting guest posts to some of the most popular Christian blogs on the internet.

And if you know anything about me, you know that I’m slightly impulsive, a little bit bold, and a whole lot of crazy.

Mix this combination together and you get a girl who has no idea what she’s doing, but plows straight ahead and does it anyway.

Submitting these guest posts seemed to me like a wonderful way to reach more people with my writing and it seemed almost easy…until the rejections started rolling in. I had over ten rejections combined before I finally got my first acceptance email from one of the websites I had submitted to. Clearly it was a lot harder than I thought it would.

I had no idea what I was doing wrong.

Was I just not a good writer? Was my writing boring? Was it irrelevant? I was discouraged and felt like giving up. But in the midst of those feelings, I reached out and sought advice and guidance from writers I respected. How did they do what I was attempting and what advice could they give to help me grow as a writer? Along the way I learned valuable insight and also received more acceptance emails than I had dreamed would be possible.

So how can you do it too? How can you write a great, unique guest post that websites, blogs, or magazines are going to jump at the chance to accept? Well, I’m glad you asked!

1. Search Your Heart (And Determine Why You Want to Be Published)

Do you want recognition or simply a chance to grow your platform and numbers? Do you want to submit to this place because all your other writing friends are and you want to fit in?

A friend asked me questions similar to this during a time when I was discouraged from the rejection letters I’d been receiving. Our focus should always be on glorifying God with every word we type and reaching the people He gives to us with His truth. Our writing should be because of Him. If He wants you published on a certain website or blog, trust me…He’ll get you there.

Write for Him and leave the results in His hands.

2. Start with a Stunning Opener

Make your first sentence catch your readers attention. The first sentence is the first glimpse the reader has into your writing. Make it worth their attention. Make them want to keep reading.

Sometimes opening with a question gets the reader curious for an answer. I opened my first book with a question that challenged the reader to wonder why they had started reading. Grab the reader’s attention from the beginning and keep it throughout the article with intriguing stories or analogies.


3. Follow the Submission Guidelines and Rules (And Not Just Some of Them…ALL of Them!)

This is so important. If the place you are submitting to has a detailed list of guidelines for submission, follow it exactly. Use the Bible translation they use for any Scripture included, obey their word count maximum or minimum, and follow any topics/themes requested. Doing so will give you a much greater chance of getting published with them.


4. Make Your Content Relevant and Original

Observe what kind of recent posts or articles have been published on this blog or magazine. What is their general audience?

For example, if their general audience is young people in dating/courting relationships, they probably aren’t going to be as likely to accept an article on singleness. Observe the style of the posts they publish as well.

What does the writer of those articles do that grabs your attention or makes you keep reading? Although you want to stick to their focus topic, always strive to write an original article about that theme.

If you’re writing for a website focused on helping writers, but you write about character development and they’ve already published articles on that recently, you aren’t as likely to get accepted. Write an original article on their relevant topics!

5. Use an Editor

It’s really important to have someone edit your articles. Sometimes, as the writer, we miss parts of our piece that might be too lengthy or difficult to read. (Most blogs and magazines prefer short articles – oftentimes there is a word-count limit.) Ask someone to read through your article for clarity of message, ease of reading, and any grammar errors. This will help bring your article to the next level of clear communication!


Writing isn’t always an easy thing to do and sometimes it can be so discouraging when you only seem to receive rejections. But, dear writer, keep going. Trust God with your dreams, because He knows them even better than you do!

You can do this.

     Now go out and write.    


Isabella is a twenty-year-old homeschool graduate residing in Pennsylvania. She’s an author, blogger, speaker, and founder of The King’s Princess magazine for girls. She’s been writing books and stories for over half of her life. You can find all four of her books, I Dare You, The King’s Princess, Worth it All, and Yes, You Can at her website!

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