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Savoring Single

Savoring Single

“Savoring Single is the perfect book for girls in this generation. Sometimes it feels like everything in the world just draws attention to our singleness resulting in us feeling even more alone. Shelley has written a book that exposes the truth about being single and leads by example how we can cherish -not waste- this important season of our lives.” – Kiara

“Shelley’s heart is poured out in every single page. She has sought the heart of God in this subject and it is evident from the first chapter. Savoring Single has inspired me to chase after a deeper relationship with my Father, and I believe this book is the answer to what every daughter’s heart is truly searching for: a closer walk with Christ.” – Becky

About The Book:

Why savoring single? Because you were meant to enjoy it!

Finding purpose, knowing love, and experiencing adventure aren’t reserved solely for the married girls! You can enjoy a full and vibrant life even while being single. It’s also a perfect time to partner with what God wants to develop in you through this once-in-a-lifetime part of your journey! Girl, being single is okay. There is a purpose for it, and it won’t last forever. So savor it!

About the Author:

Shelley Black has journeyed through being single longer than she expected and has since found joy, hope and purpose from a once begrudged season. She now challenges the status quo of what it means to be single as a modern-day Christian female, with a passion to infuse hope and restore joy to every single-girl heart. Shelley is a loving momma to her pup Lucy, is one proud “T” to six nieces and nephews and serves her local church in North Mississippi as the worship leader. Find her at and across social media at SavoringSingle.

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