A Year of Dreams and Doors

“BEHOLD, I have set before you an OPEN DOOR, which no one is able to shut.” (Revelation 3:8) 

A Year of Dreams and Doors


Tight. Restricted. Restrained.

Love rendered His transforming power, amidst the dark, lonely, caterpillar cocoon. The hand responsible for creating all creation, purposed to make everything beautiful in His time.

Still, I was blind. All I could see was loss.

Time. Waiting.

Days. Months. Years.

More time.

More waiting.

And then, one day, the cocoon cracked. Walls fell, lungs expanded, my untrained butterfly wings fluttered, and my heart skipped a beat.

It was time.

The open sky whispered my name, and my spirit knew. The door was wide open. The time for dreaming is no more. The time to fly is upon us.

A time to walk. A time to believe. A time to have faith. A time to PURSUE. A time to review and remember the promises God has spoken over our hearts, and place ourselves in position to receive them. A time to harvest what we’ve sown in faith, and take ground for the future. 

Girl, it’s time to walk through those doors.   

What doors am I speaking of?

The doors you thought were broken. The doors you thought would never again open. The friends you lost, the opportunities you missed, and the dreams you believed to be dead.

But it isn’t over. Discouragement is no match for God’s courage. Loss can be swallowed up by joy as full and boundless as the ocean! Hearts healed, families healed, bodies healed, relationships healed, and dreams healed.

Jesus Christ is a professional funeral-ruiner. Your dead dreams and shattered hopes are no match for the LIFE He desires to bring to your heart this year!

So dry your tears, stand on what faith remains, and believe for the impossible.

This is a year to walk through the doors of your dreams. We don’t need to wait in the hallway any longer. Can you hear the rusty, ancient, hinges releasing a loud groan as they swing open? Can you see the keys in Christ’s hand, as He slips them into the lock, and opens doors no man can shut?

As you move with His Spirit, He’ll bring you to those doors. He’ll whisper to your heart, and you’ll know which steps to take.

You’ll know who to pray for.

You’ll know the words to speak.

You’ll know the scriptures to study.

You’ll know the college classes to take.

You’ll know the words to write.

You’ll know the friendships to form.

You’ll know the relationships to let go of.

You’ll know the dreams to pursue, and how to spend every hour of this year for His glory.

Sisters, there is much work to be done. This world needs us, it needs the Holy Spirit living inside of us, and it needs our unique, God-given dreams to unfold. We NEED to be obedient. We need to write, sing, pray, build, brainstorm, act, pursue, create, inspire and IGNITE, boldly crossing the threshold of our God-given dream-doors. 

So take courage, dear one. And know that you’re never alone. We’re all in this together as we take on this new year, new dreams, and new faith.


What is God speaking to you about this year? Share below! <3

6 thoughts on “A Year of Dreams and Doors

  1. Thank you so much Livy for always encouraging us girls to put on our shinning armour. You are a delightful inspiration and your words cut towards the deepest part of my heart. We love you!!!

  2. Ugh yes!!! I love this so beyond much, Livy! What a rally cry for us as all of the King’s Daughters! In the midst of so much uncertainty, pain, and confusion, God hasn’t called us to stand still against the back walls of His throne room (as one pastor put it). Instead, we’re supposed to be watching the hand of the King, awaiting His direction for the next great adventure in our glorious lives. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what a grand time it is to be alive. Like you said, there’s so much to be done for Him and His Kingdom and now indeed is the time to fly 🙂 Thanks muchly for posting this because I DEFINITELY needed to hear it! I think the three biggest things God is calling me to do this year are to follow Him more closely, take care of some important life-decisions, and hopefully finish draft two of my novel if not draft three!! There’s so much more I could say haha but this comment is going to turn into a novel itself 😛 I’m so grateful for all you do and the ways in which you use your talents to encourage all of us girls and to further Christ’s Kingdom. Keep shining on <3

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