Reverse Bucket List

We’ve all got our bucket lists. Me? I’ve got several. I’ve got the Pinterest Bucket List, the scribbled-in-the-back-of-my-journal-Bucket List, as well as the Goals and Dreams List, which focuses on a handful of projects, goals, and accomplishments which I’m pursuing on a daily basis!

But what about the Reverse Bucket List? Interesting moments and things I’ve already done?

Sometimes in our pursuit of goals, dreams, and travel, we forget about all the amazing things we’ve already experienced and the lovely people we’ve already met!

And so, I decided to create My Reverse Bucket List! 70 happenings in my life that you may or may not find interesting, haha!

  1. Lived in three states (Michigan, Kentucky, and North Carolina).
  2. Traveled to 19 States (Only 31 more to go!).
  3. Visited Disney World.
  4. Got splashed by dolphins and whales (I wasn’t in the water with them, but their fins sent some wet-love my way!)
  5. I’ve traveled internationally…to Canada. (1 country down, 194 more to go!)
  6. Rode in a tiny airplane flown by my Uncle.
  7. Sang Karaoke at a restaurant. (Gulps nervously!)
  8. Got two American Girl Dolls and went to American Girl Place. (Oh yeah, big deal for my eight-year-old self, people!)
  9. Started a magazine/newsletter when I was 12 called, GirlZ of America!
  10. Created my first website when I was 13.
  11. Went camping and our tent collapsed because of heavy rain, ended up in a hotel.
  12. Milked a goat…in the dark.
  13. Won an unofficial record for having the most library cards at once, as a kid. I had library cards at 5 different libraries all at the same time!
  14. Rode in a limo.
  15. Was on the local news.
  16. Took ballet and tap dance lessons.
  17. Performed in dozens of plays and musicals.
  18. Finally landed a starring role in a theatrical production of The Little Mermaid!
  19. Took voice lessons.
  20. Rode horses bareback.
  21. Took riding lessons and learned to jump (small) hurdles, as well as do a (tiny) bit of barrel racing.
  22. Adopted a puppy from the humane society.
  23. Had a gold fish that lived for 7 years. 7 years, people! That’s like, ancient in fish-time!
  24. Got braces (Hey, I didn’t promise this list was going to be exciting…)
  25. Auditioned for Disney Channel. (Did that go anywhere? Uh, obviously not, but it sure was FUN! 😀 As a teen, I liked to tell my friends, “I was this close to being in the Hannah Montana movie”…but I’m not sure that was based entirely on truth. Haha.)
  26. Hosted a High School Musical 2 premiere party, learned all the dance moves and thought I was crazy cool. (Because, uh, who didn’t?)
  27. Got our first high-speed internet connection when I was 12. (That’s a big deal, people!)
  28. Got my first cell phone when I was 18. (And all the little children who’ve been texting since they came out of the womb are utterly shocked.)
  29. Successfully learned to drive a car. (Yay for life skills!)
  30. But failed my first drivers test. (Tears.)
  31. No worries, I aced the second one! 😉
  32. Taught myself how to play guitar.
  33. Wrote my first song.
  34. Then wrote dozens and dozens of more songs.
  35. Bought my first guitar at The Guitar Center in Nashville.
  36. Recorded a demo CD.
  37. Did the whole ‘Taylor Swift’ thing and passed out my demo all over Music Row, meeting with people in the industry and hoping perhaps I would ‘get discovered’.
  38. Attended a ball (yes, it was a real ball, at a mansion, with Disney music, elegant dinner, and everything!)
  39. Tried to visit the castle where Taylor Swift recorded the Love Story music video, but security was quite intense, so I simply peered longingly at it past the ivy-covered gate.
  40. Counseled at summer camp.
  41. Sent one of my song’s to Lisa Bevere (my favorite author) and was absolutely thrilled when she replied with the sweetest, most encouraging note ever.
  42. Been to the ocean, multiple times.
  43. Accidentally stumbled upon a TobyMac concert at the beach, not knowing it would be happening, but stayed and partied anyway.
  44. Discovered ChickFilA. That was life changing, folks. Life. Changing.
  45. Got stuck in the West Virginia Mountains in a crazy snow storm, in the middle of the night, traffic didn’t move for six hours strait. Finally, spent the night set up in a shelter in a High School Gym, with hundreds of other people, crying babies, and barking dogs.
  46. Graduated High School. (Yay for that!)
  47. Started a magazine.
  48. Did lots of interviews with some of my favorite artists and bands, such as For King and Country, TobyMac, Colton Dixon, Kari Jobe, Superchick, Everlife, Stellar Kart, Cimorelli, Sidewalk Prophets, Hollyn, Spencer Kane, The Gardiner Sisters, etc.
  49. Did several interviews with The Duggar Girls.
  50. Became an Auntie!
  51. Went jet-skiing on the lake.
  52. Was a bridesmaid.
  53. Hosted six Crown of Beauty conferences, in multiple states.
  54. Watched the 2016 Olympic Trials for Whitewater Rafting and waved at Olympians as they sailed by. (Don’t laugh. I’m a huge Olympic geek, okay? This was a big movement for me! LOL.)
  55. Went rafting (but wasn’t as good as the Olympians!)
  56. Had a 3 day Monopoly marathon with my Grandmother and played 7 games, almost nonstop. Much pizza was consumed.
  57. Sang at the Grande Ole Opry (Okay, so I wasn’t actually on stage…but I was at the grounds. Does that count?)
  58. Published five books (so far.) 😉
  59. Hung out with some of my favorite recording artists.
  60. Currently hold the hula-hoop record in my family for longest hula-hooper (that’s a big deal, people.)
  61. Got three ‘hole in one’s while putt-putt golfing (while nobody was watching. Seriously, every time I got one, they were all looking away and distracted! Like, what?!)
  62. Played golf on a real golf course…it wasn’t pretty. (Well, the course was. My skills, not so much.)
  63. Got stranded in an airport due to flight delay. (Most people wouldn’t like that, but I found it totally exciting and magical and bucket list worthy. I pretty much love anything that happens in airports. ;))
  64. Ate pancakes at The Pancake Pantry. (I’ve heard it was a must-do for the Bucket List…annndddd it is.)
  65. Visited Mackinaw Island.
  66. Connected with the most amazing friends ever. (Yes, having spectacular friends deserves to be on your Bucket List.)
  67. Visited the island where Nicholas Sparks book/movie The Safe Haven, was filmed.
  68. Went on a crazy Scavenger Hunt in Wal-Mart. (Far more exciting and adrenaline-rush-inducing then it sounds…esp for introverts!)
  69. Spent six hours in Hobby Lobby. (Broke my own personal record, thank you very much!)
  70. Rode on a luggage carrier at 3 AM down the hotel hallway like a crazy woman. (Thanks Zac and Cody, I just had to try it.)

    Can you relate with any of the moments above? What experiences do we have in common? Comment below! 😀

4 thoughts on “Reverse Bucket List

  1. Aww, I love this idea, Livy! A reverse-bucket-list, this I have got to write! But, the limo ride you mentioned reminded me. Our Papa rented a white limo when my little sister and I were 9 and 7, and took us out to an ice cream parlor with some other friends and girl cousins, it was an incredible time and a special memory. I related to a lot of things here. One of my favorite items on my own list would be (your snowstorm adventure reminded me): I was helping a friend take her five kids to the zoo (3 little boys and twin baby girls). We got stuck in the car, in the parking lot, for 3 hours, with the car alarm going off, and no way to turn it off. Gooooooood times. 😀 Maybe that doesn’t seem like an accomplishment, but to me, I learned something of patience from it, and how little boys can have fun and make forts in the back seat, and be totally undisturbed by a noisy siren. 🙂

    1. Hi Ruth! Thanks for your comment. Oh my goodness, those sound like such sweet memories! And haha, yes it’s funny some of the things we remember. They might not be the most glamorous moments in life, but they’re certainly memorable and we learn amazing lessons from them! Let me know if you decide to post your Reverse Bucket List, I’d love to see it! 😀

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