Reverse Bucket List

We’ve all got our bucket lists. Me? I’ve got several. I’ve got the Pinterest Bucket List, the scribbled-in-the-back-of-my-journal-Bucket List, as well as the Goals and Dreams List, which focuses on a handful of projects, goals, and accomplishments which I’m pursuing on a daily basis! But what about the Reverse Bucket List? Interesting moments and things… Read More Reverse Bucket List

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Regal Reads Blog Tour!

Have you heard the exciting news?! Regal Hearts Season One is officially available in paperback print! Woo hoo! Get your copy here! And I just have to say, THANK YOU. Because I never intended for Regal Hearts to be in print. When I first launched the Kindle edition which was released in a weekly, episodic-format,… Read More Regal Reads Blog Tour!