About Me

I believe one of the most challenging tasks in life is writing a mini biography for cyberspace! How are you supposed to choose from among millions of words in the English dictionary, and narrow it down to several sparkly words that best describe who you are on that particular day?!

The human heart, her ever changing personality, and her life-long dreams, cannot be fully expressed within the restraints of a Twitter-sized box.

So who am I?

I am a scrapbook made of many different materials. I’ve got layers of photos, ribbons, buttons and stickers;
history that built who I am today, and dreams that are planning out the pages of tomorrow.

I’m a 23-year-old author, singer, song-writer, blogger, and content creator. But most importantly, I am a Daughter of the One True King. Any other word or descriptive title that myself (or anyone else) might try to attach onto my identity is only written in chalk. My hobbies, giftings, and desires are always changing and growing! They are forever being erased and re-written. I’m not the same girl I was yesterday…and that is absolutely okay.

The only thing constant about who I am, the only thing written in permanent marker is Who I belong to. As a follower of Christ, and a precious Daughter in His Kingdom, that is the only identity that I cling to.

I am a human being. Not a human doing. What I do, and the things I enjoy, or am good at, do not define who I am. Only the love of Christ defines me.

I am hidden in Him, and confident in the truth that I am His Beloved!

A Peek at my Scrapbook…

Summertime adventures with the cousins!

So blessed to live on the most beautiful lake in the world!

Fun Fact! My favorite ice-cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip! (See waffle cone above! *Drools*) What’s your favorite flavor?

Hanging with the besties in Nashville, Tennessee! 

Covering Media & Press at the K-Love Fan Awards!

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